Investor Fact Sheet

Company Name: Innate Immunotherapeutics Limited (ACN 165 160 841)

Business Description:

Innate Immunotherapeutics is an Australian medical biotechnology company advancing the development of drugs that inhibit Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK). FAK is fast becoming an important target in hard to treat cancers where tumours use FAK to build a protective wall to shield against the onslaught of the immune system. FAK is also implicated in a number of chronic fibrotic diseases.

The Company has two FAK inhibiting drug candidates which are being initially positioned for clinical development targeting pancreatic cancer, high grade serous ovarian cancer, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Shares on Issue: 41,023,303
Options on Issue: 1,707,000 (at varying exercise prices and expiry dates)

Market Listings:

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Code: IIL)


Simon Wilkinson, Executive Director & CEO
Dr Robert Peach, Independent Non-Executive Director
Dr Christian Behrenbruch, Independent Non-Executive Director
Dr Warwick Tong, Independent Non-Executive Director
Dr Christopher Burns, Independent Non-Executive Director
Andrew J. Cooke, Independent Non-Executive Director and Company Secretary


Simon Wilkinson, CEO
Dr Mark Devlin, Chief Scientific Advisor

Registered Office:

Suite 401, 35 Lime Street
Sydney 2000


Grant Thornton Audit Pty
GPO Box 4736
Melbourne 3001